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What does "Mojo Risin" mean?


The word Mojo has its roots in voodoo but was adopted into the early blues culture and refers to one's sexual prowess. Jim Morrison created an ingenious anagram of his name by re-arranging the letters to spell "Mr. Mojo Risin." He sang that phrase repeatedly in the bridge section of the song "L.A. Woman." The ever-accelerating tempo that John Densmore plays under Jim's lyrics in that section of the song creates a rhythmic analogy of intercourse. Rumors have persisted that if Jim Morrison had indeed faked his death, then he would contact the remaining members of the band using "Mr. Mojo Risin" as a pseudonym.


What Doors music is in your repertoire?


Virtually everything The Doors recorded from 1967-1971, including studio, live, special release and bootleg. We don't play any post-Morrison Doors, D21C, or Doors solo projects except for some material from "American Prayer." See our Songlist page. In any given performance we play roughly a third of the material in our repertoire. Every show has a different set list, so you'll never see the same show twice.


How long has each member been in the group?


Justin is a founding member from the group's inception in 1995. Mark joined shortly thereafter in 1996. Steve was our back-up drummer for many years before joining full-time in 2003. Dexter was the singer from 1996-2001 and rejoined the group in 2007.


Do you ever get tired of playing Doors music?


No. We play because we love the music of The Doors, and that's not likely to change. We've played "Light My Fire" over 300 times and it's still a thrill.


When are you going to play my town?


Check our Tourdates section often. We generally play in the Midwest region with regular stops in Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, and Missouri. If you want Mojo Risin to play at your favorite local venue, email us with details and we'll try and make it happen.


How can I stay informed on where the band is playing next?


The best way is to sucscribe to our newsletter. We send about six emails a year detailing upcoming shows and other news about the band. Visit our Email page to become a subscriber.


Where can I buy Mojo Risin CD's or other merchandise?


You can't. Out of respect to The Doors, we do not sell any CD's or DVD's (see below). However, occasionally we do give out free merchandise at our concerts, on our web site, or to members of our mailing list.




Where did you get all of your vintage equipment?


In short, everywhere. Music stores, flea markets, online auctions, classifieds. We have used virtually all sources available to track down every piece of vintage equipment that The Doors used on stage during the 1968-1969 period. Of course, you can't just go out and purchase the entire set-up. It took over ten years of research and effort and considerable investment to assemble the collection we currently tour with.


Do any other Doors tribute bands have all this vintage gear?


No. Mojo Risin is the only band since The Doors' original line-up to use all the classic gear. Even The Doors of the 21st Century (aka Riders on the Storm) don't have it. For an in-depth look be sure and see our Gear page.




What's the difference between a "tribute band" and a "cover band?"


A good tribute band portrays one band in sound, look, style, and character, as if performing musical theater. A cover band refers to a band that performs a mix of music by other artists, and may or may not emulate the style of the original recordings. One is not inherently better than the other; they are just different approaches.


Do you guys think you're The Doors?


No. We created Mojo Risin because we are first and foremost Doors fans. We wanted to re-create a bygone era for other Doors fans that appreciate the music like we do. We don't think we are The Doors. We don't think we're anywhere near as talented as The Doors. There will never be another Doors. We try to create the next best thing. We take pride in what we do, but we do it for fun.


Are you guys "ripping off" The Doors?


No. Tribute bands are inspiring to some, loathed by others. It's all a matter of opinion. Our goal is to promote the music of The Doors, not our own. We try to turn younger fans on to The Doors. We try to re-connect older fans with the music that they may have forgotten. We do not sell bootleg CD's or videos of Mojo Risin. We encourage fans to go out and purchase the real thing. We've met Robby Krieger and Ray Manzarek and they both think what we're doing is cool and they gave us lots of encouragement.


Why play someone else's music instead of your own?


Great music is great art. You know it when you hear it. It stands the test of time. The music of The Doors has undoubtedly done that. It begs to be played. Would you criticize a symphony orchestra for playing Mozart instead of originals? Or a theater troupe for performing Shakespeare instead of writing their own material? Performing great works by accomplished artists is natural for any performer. In addition, when performing a classic work, a good performer rarely takes liberties with the original, instead presenting it as the author intended it. This is a core philosophy of the band.


Do you write and perform original music?


Yes, but not within the context of Mojo Risin. Aside from being fanatical about reproducing the music of The Doors, we are also creative individuals with our own voices. Each one of us writes, records, and performs original music within other projects. While certainly taking some inspiration from The Doors, it does not sound like Doors music. We do not sneak our originals into a Mojo Risin concert. That would not only sound out-of-place, but would be cheating the audience. We also have no interest in writing original songs in the style of The Doors. It would never be as good as the real thing.




Is Jim Morrison still alive?


That is the subject of much debate. Rumors of Jim faking his death began almost immediately after his death was reported. Every few years reports of Jim surfacing somewhere obscure seem to abound. According to the surviving band members, he has never attempted to contact them. If Jim is still alive, it is one of the best-kept secrets in Rock history.


What words are spoken at the end of the song "Touch Me"?


The lyric is "Stronger Than Dirt," which was the tag line from an AJAX commercial that was popular when the song was recorded. The band put it in the song as a joke.



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